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Foundation Research Projects

Research Projects: Oversight: A specific committee is created for each project award by the SEAOSC Foundation to provide oversight to the SEAOSC Foundation Annual Student Scholarships.

Past Research Projects:

Testing of Gypboard Shear Walls (2009) - Pursuing Additional Funding 

1. The SEAOSC Committee on Performance Based Design of Low-Rise Wood Frame Structures provided oversight to the SEAOSC Foundation in the collection, analysis and review of information and techniques, and in the testing of construction assembles; for the purpose of developing comprehensive understandings of the behavior of material combinations under seismic loading in gypboard sheathed shear walls. The expectation of the findings is to allow for better performance than the minimum "life safety" expectations currently presented in the building code.

2. The body of knowledge developed may serve as the foundation for the development of performance design standards for future code adoptions. In the interim, communities or individuals, on a voluntary basis, could use the performance findings on gypsum sheathed shear walls to reduce financial losses due to earthquakes.


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