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SEAOSC’s committees remain the most vital part of the association. Without the volunteer activities coordinated through and completed by our committees, the SEAOSC's ability to serve our members and our community of Southern California is stymied.

In fulfilling our mission to Empower Members and Advance the Structural Engineering Profession in Service of our Community; our committee structure is established to provide a shared purpose, consistency in messaging, integrated support between committees, and connection to SEAOC and external partners.

This requires an extensive committee structure of volunteer members developing and evaluating various structural engineering design philosophies and standards, providing technical seminars for structural engineering continuing education, as well as assisting building code officials in the development of building codes at the local, state and national levels. In these efforts, SEAOSC Committees provide connection to the community with information bulletins regarding design standards and earthquake hazards and participating in engineering mentoring and education programs for local schools.

Committee meetings are open to anyone to attend as an observer. However, voting on committee business reserved for SEAOSC members. We encourage you to contact the Committee Chair directly using the Roster below to learn more about the committee's projects and meetings.

Member Empowerment

Membership Kerry Regan / Christian Cody
Women in SE Michelle Kam-Biron
Younger Members Jessica Chen / Sikandar Porter-Gill
Education Siddharth Awasthi
Communications Maria Mohammed

Professional Advancement

Committee Chair/s Contact
Codes & Standards Colin Kumabe / Michael Ciortea
Seismology & Hazards Cairo Briceno / Gabriel J. Acero
New Buildings Forming - Contact President if Interested
Existing Buildings Daniel Zepeda / Garrett Hagen
Steel Ashwani Dhalwala
Concrete  Dragos Ursu / Nils Fox
Wood Zizhao (Zee) He
CMU Forming - Contact President if Interested
Specialty Materials Forming - Contact President if Interested

Community Service

Committee Chair/s Contact
Sustainability / Resilience Timothy Saenz
Safer Cities Initiative Organized through Codes & Standards  
Disaster Emergency Services Laura Basualdo / Doug Litchfield
Legislative and Professional Practices Daniel Wang
Diversity & Inclusion
Lorena Arce


The Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC) is the oldest structural engineering association in the world


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