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2021 Honorary Members

An Honorary Member is a person designated by the Board of Directors in recognition  of the person’s contribution to the excellence of the structural engineering profession.

The SEAOSC Bylaws define an Honorary Member as " An Honorary Member is a person so designated by the Board of Directors in special recognition for their contribution to the excellence of the structural engineering profession.  An Honorary Member does not have to be a Structural Engineer. An Honorary Member shall have those privileges, duties and benefits as applicable to the grade of membership held at the time of being designated Honorary Member."  

Induction of Honorary Members began in 1995.

Ken O’Dell, SE

Past Winners

Year Name
2020Martin Hudson, PE, PhD
Marissa Aho, AICP
2019 Ashwani Dhalwala, SE
2018 Ashraf Habibullah
Doug Thompson, SE
Alan Hanson
Michael Cochran, SE
Nabih Youssef
Dr. Lucile Jones
2014 Robert Bachman & Garry Myers
2013 Larry Brugger
2012 Fred Schott
2011 Ken Bondy, David Cocke & Richard Hess
Y. Henry Huang & Bob Lyons
Martin Johnson & Manny Morden
Jack Bruce & Mel Green
Brian Cochran & Dan Novak
Gregg Brandow
Robert Englekirk
James Hill
James Lai
2002 James Amerhein
Amrhein, James (2002)
Bachman, Bob (2014)
Barnes, Stephen
Benioff, Ben
Bernson, Hal (1996)
Binder, Ruben
Bolin, Harry
Bondy, Kenneth (2011)
Brandow, Gregg (2006)
Breiholz, David (2001)
Bruce, Jack (2008)
Brugger, Larry (2013)
Brugger, Walter
Brunnier, H.J.
Christensen, Ted
Cochran, Brian L. (2007)
Cocke, David (2011)
Coil, John
Converse, Fredrick
Crandall, LeRoy
Dooley, C.Terry (2003)
Englekirk, Robert (2005)
Green, Melvin (2008)
Hess, Richard (2011)
Hill, James (2004)
Hillman, Earnest C.
Housner, George W.
Huang, Y. Henry (2010)
Jeppcott, Donald
Johnson, Carl
Johnson, Martin (2009)
Johnston, Roy G.
Kamei, Tom (2000)
Kanda, Mamoru (1997)
Kariotis, John (1998)
Kay, Donald

King, Harold P.
Lai, James S. (2003)
Layne, Henry M.
Lehmer, Gerald (1997)
Loevenguth, John
Lyons, Robert (2010)
Magg, Ernest
Manning, John
Martin, John A.
Minasian, John
Moore, William W.
Morden, Manuel (2009)
Myers, Garry (2014)
Narver Jr. David L.
Narver, D. Lee
Nelson, Ronald F. (1999)
Nibecker, Alfred S.
Novak, Dan (2007)
Olmsted, Harold
Phillips, Richard (1996)
Pinkham, Clarkson

Kevin O'Dell (2016)
Porush, Allan (2000)

Robb, John (1996)
Schmid, Ben L.
Sheffet, Joseph
Shipp, John (2001)
Schott, Fred (2012)
Steinmann, Hans (2000)
Strand, Donald R.
Teal Jr., Edward
Tobin, Robert
Traw, Jon S. (1999)
Wheeler, William T.
White, Robert (1998)
Wiltse, Donald T.

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