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SEAOSC Codes & Standards 

The mission of the SEAOSC Codes and Standards Committee is to:

  • Enhance and contribute to the code and standard development process
  • Provide a forum to monitor, research, and advocate for improving national consensus standards and model, state and/or local building codes
  • Improve coordination and cooperation with committee members and our partners in the development process

The charges of the SEAOSC Codes and Standards Committee are to:

  • Attend and monitor national and local code and standard committees that propose structural provisions affecting our membership
  • Develop and propose position or offer code change recommendations
  • Collaborate with national, local, or state governments or organizations and other SEAOSC and industry committees
  • Engage and inform the membership to participate in the committee activities and code development processes

Current Activity

  • 2022 ICC Code Development Cycle for the 2024 I-Codes – Group B (Completed)
  • SFM California Existing Building Code (CEBC) Workgroup.
  • ASCE 7-16 Supplement 3 (Completed)
  • AB 1046 Amendment to AP Act for Existing Buildings Over Active Seismic Faults.
  • Webinar Topic for 2/22/236/21/23.
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The Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC) is the oldest structural engineering association in the world. 

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